ne of my favorite jobs was in graphic design. With logo designs, web sites, posters for various events, and advertising campaigns, it created a great deal of joy while developing my creative skills. All of it was interesting and informative and I’ll never stop being grateful for those opportunities.

Now-a-days though, rather than a professional endeavor, graphic design is a part of my memory keeping hobby—a habit that has become an obsession, lately. Seriously, I intended to create one story/week in 2017 for our albums and produce one template a week for future use. However, over the last two weeks, my output has been more like one story/template per day.

It’s insane! It’s awesome. It’s letting me get lost in flow and I love it! I feel like I’m reconnecting to a bit of myself and our family story—something that is refueling my joie de vivre and speaks to an overarching intention I have for myself this year: Connection.

Here are a few samples…

Meanwhile, all of it makes me curious about your story, too. Is there an intention that drives you for 2017? What do you to get into flow? And, does memory keeping figure into your life or learning in some way?

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts in the comments below.