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Barnacles! Road Trip to Disappointment

ell, to be fair it was far from disappointing at Cape Disappointment. But, we did see a lot of barnacles and have a lot of fun.
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Road Trip to Lapine

hen we arrived at Lapine, we had just enough time to set up the trailer before lightning and thunder began giving us a show and before it began to pour. In a way, the storm was a perfect way to usher in a fun weekend in which we studied rocks, visited with family (and enjoyed birthday cake!), picnicked, explored Lava River Cave, took in the beauty of Paulina Falls, and did other camper-ly things.


(Our Take)

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Curriculum Vs. Habits

hat curriculum are you using? It was a common question during our first year—a question that both fed my enthusiasm and dread at the same time, making me quake in my high-tops.
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Retrospective 2014-2015

t's that time of year again; the time when we look back at the mountains we've climbed—I mean, when we look back at our learning and our learning systems.
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A Glimpse of Our Day: Science

ften, I am asked, "What does a typical day look like when homeschooling?" With our setup, it's a little hard to answer that. It's never quite the same day-to-day. And yet, there are trends and we do have a typical workflow. We even have a few recurring appointments (like my Taekwondo class) every week. It's just that the organization and management of our days favor flexibility.

Projects & Tutorials

(Homeschooling, Science, and Art)

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7 Steps to Create a Custom Study Space

he following steps and considerations are useful when planning and creating a designated study space in your home.
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What Physical Properties Help Us Identify Rocks and Minerals?

e collect rocks and geology is something we enjoy. So, we wanted to dive deeply into rock identification and try our own hand at it. This meant we needed a full on lab where we learned about rock traits and how to identify rocks and minerals.

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