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Road Trip to Lapine

hen we arrived at Lapine, we had just enough time to set up the trailer before lightning and thunder began giving us a show and before it began to pour. In a way, the storm was a perfect way to usher in a fun weekend in which we studied rocks, visited with family (and enjoyed birthday cake!), picnicked, explored Lava River Cave, took in the beauty of Paulina Falls, and did other camper-ly things.
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Road Trip to Bridgeport

ast week, Erik flew to Ireland while Duncan and I packed up and headed to Bridgeport to visit my family (and wish my mom a happy birthday in person). There, I joined my sister, her husband and son, and her dog at the old house on the river.


(Our Take)

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6th Grade Book Bag

ow, am I glad that the book bag is a virtual concept rather than an actual bag to lug around! It would be very heavy with this year's goodies. As it is, it takes up much of the shelving unit (Duncan's a lot like me, I guess—thank goodness we have more shelving).
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Retrospective 2014-2015

t's that time of year again; the time when we look back at the mountains we've climbed—I mean, when we look back at our learning and our learning systems.
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A Glimpse of Our Day: Science

ften, I am asked, "What does a typical day look like when homeschooling?" With our setup, it's a little hard to answer that. It's never quite the same day-to-day. And yet, there are trends and we do have a typical workflow. We even have a few recurring appointments (like my Taekwondo class) every week. It's just that the organization and management of our days favor flexibility.

Science & Art


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Rock Identification

e collect rocks and geology is something we enjoy. So, we wanted to dive deeply into rock identification and try our own hand at it. This meant we needed a full on lab where we learned about rock traits and how to identify rocks and minerals.
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How To Identify Monocots and Dicots

onocot or dicot? That, is the question! After learning a little about the differences, we set out to test our new skills and practice plant identification.

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