Retrospective 2015-2016

So what did we learn from our retrospective? In general, it's been a rewarding and challenging year.

Dad and the Great Big Bird

or me, writing through sorrow is difficult. With loss, especially the loss of my father, the wind seems to slip from my sails. All at once, I find I'm unsure about how to begin and overwhelmed by wanting to write the tribute of a lifetime. Both impulses tie my heart in knots, adding frustration to the pile of things I'm sorting through, including grief.

Our Social Calendar (Rocks!)

wonderful side-effect of homeschooling is a more robust social calendar. There's more time and it's easier to make time for friends because...

What’s Your Gogy?

ver the last few years, my curiosity about learning has grown into a sort of obsession. Partly, because I want to be a good mentor for my son. And partly, because I have love affair with learning, creativity, and innovation.

Barnacles! Road Trip to Disappointment

ell, to be fair it was far from disappointing at Cape Disappointment. But, we did see a lot of barnacles and have a lot of fun.

Retrospective 2014-2015

t's that time of year again; the time when we look back at the mountains we've climbed—I mean, when we look back at our learning and our learning systems.

Road Trip to Lapine

hen we arrived at Lapine, we had just enough time to set up the trailer before lightning and thunder began giving us a show and before it began to pour. In a way, the storm was a perfect way to usher in a fun weekend.

Road Trip to Bridgeport

ast week, Erik flew to Ireland while Duncan and I packed up and headed to Bridgeport to visit my family (and wish my mom a happy birthday in person). There, I joined my sister, her husband and son, and her dog at the old house on the river.

Watch Out for the Tree!

ne of Erik's favorite hobbies (he has lots, but this one has recycled into a current obsession) is mountain biking.