Rhodes…er, Road Scholar

ur summer began with a road trip to Bridgeport so that we could lend a hand and participate in my dad’s celebration of life. There, I was touched by...

Barnacles! Road Trip to Disappointment

ell, to be fair it was far from disappointing at Cape Disappointment. But, we did see a lot of barnacles and have a lot of fun.

Our Social Calendar (Rocks!)

wonderful side-effect of homeschooling is a more robust social calendar. There's more time and it's easier to make time for friends because...

What’s Your Gogy?

ver the last few years, my curiosity about learning has grown into a sort of obsession. Partly, because I want to be a good mentor for my son. And partly, because...

Retrospective 2015-2016

o what did we learn from our retrospective? In general, it's been a rewarding and challenging year.

Seeds of Doubt

uncan is very bright." She starts and I can tell by the way she's said this that we're just about to bite into the center of the criticism sandwich.